1883 Historical Schoolhouse

Mr. J. Pitcher deeded what would become the 2.8-acre Pacific View property to the Encinitas School District in 1883. Edward Hammond and his son, Ted, one of seven children, built the schoolhouse large enough to accommodate eight grades and one teacher on the property on 3rd streed bounded by E and F Streets (“Schoolhouse”). The Schoolhouse was operated in this location until 1927.

As the town grew, and other schools opened up in the area, the Schoolhouse was no longer used. By 1928, the Schoolhouse had been relocated to 4th and H Streets, where is served as a private residence for over half a century.

As the 1980s dawned and real estate prices began to boom, the crumbling Schoolhouse was slated for demolition. After a sustained and passionate effort by the newly-formed Encinitas Historical Society, the Schoolhouse was successfully moved back to its original site. The Schoolhouse remains on this site today where it is a museum and is still the oldest building in Encinitas.

1953-2003 Historical Schoolhouse + Pacific View Elementary School

Pacific View Elementary School, a seven-classroom school of mid-century design was constructed in 1953 on the 608 3rd Street parcel. This elementary school served 168 students in grades K-6. It was closed a half a century later in 2003 due to declining enrollment and aging facilities.


Pacific View site was abandoned and in disrepair

2014 City Purchase of Pacific View

In 2014, Save Pacific View, a grassroots group of concerned north coastal residents, was formed to support keeping the historic bluff-side Pacific View School site in the public domain for present and future generations to enjoy.

The City of Encinitas purchased the Pacific View Elementary School site, including the land and 3 classroom buildings from the Encinitas School District in March of 2014 for the purpose of using the property for the public benefit. The original Schoolhouse remained on the site in its historic location and is currently owned and operated by the Encinitas Historical Society.

2016-2018 Encinitas Arts, Culture, and Ecology Alliance Right of Entry (EACEA)

In February of 2016, the Encinitas City Council voted to grant EACEA, a local grass roots nonprofit organization, a Right-of-Entry. This was the first step in establishing EACEA as the City’s Operator/Leaseholder to restore and rehabilitate the Pacific View site for future use by the community. EACEA’s plans included transforming the former elementary school into a community Academy of Arts.

Since 2016, EACEA has been caring for the grounds, buildings and other facilities at Pacific View.

EACEA has raised over $400,000 in donations for Pacific View Academy of Arts (PVAA) renovations.

Currently, EACEA is finalizing the site permitting for the future PVAA. By the end of 2018, EACEA anticipates executing a long-term lease with the City of Encinitas for site restoration and operations at PVAA.

Projects Completed

  • Replaced broken windows; serviced all operable windows; sanded, primed, painted all window exteriors.
  • Serviced and secured perimeter fence and gates; mewed fence around the 1883 schoolhouse and new shade cloth.
  • Repaired drop eaves on classroom and administration buildings.
  • Repaired/replaced all water damaged sections of roofs, addressed dry rot areas.
  • Installed new facia boards and flashing on eaves.
  • Verified roof capable of supporting solar panel loading.
  • Reroofed both buildings with elastomeric sheeting.
  • Repaired/replaced skylight panels.
  • Repaired faulty doors and serviced/changed out faulty door locks.
  • Demoed shade cover and louvers on classroom building, repaired and reroofed door entrance shelters.
  • Prepared exterior for painting; fixed damaged areas and re-plastered all walls of all buildings.
  • Primed and painted the exterior removing all obsolete conduit pipes and attachments.
  • New tables and benches outside the classrooms.
  • Installed caretaker/24 hour security trailer.
  • Evaluated ADA compliance issues within site boundaries, including walkways, stairs, and pavement
  • Ensured the existing operation of all storm water-related systems.
  • Remove all natural gas pipes and fixtures.
  • Repaired and replaced existing plumbing and electric systems; installed a junction box in the parking area.
  • Installed a new security gate at E and 3rd Street’s entrance.
  • Installed a new security camera system (Joint effort with the City).
  • Planned, bid and raised the money (20K) to replace the auto entry gate on F Street.
  • Re-established / restored / supported / maintained exterior slope vegetation areas to sidewalks; plant wildflowers.


PVAA will open its doors to artists and the community once the transformation of the buildings and grounds is complete. It will take a year or two to establish the anticipated arts and cultural programming required to fully fund, populate and operate PVAA; a self-sustaining arts and commerce hub that will entertain a steady stream of interested and interesting users and visitors.

2019 The Future and Beyond

Once the lease is executed with the City, EACEA plans to continue the restoration of the grounds and facilities, such as:


  • Demo interiors: pony walls, cupboards, carpets, heaters, water heaters, etc.
  • Address heating and cooling needs in both buildings.
  • Clean and video inspect sewer connection from building to sewer main.
  • Reconstruct existing bathrooms to ADA standards; repair and replace plumbing and sewer lines.
  • Address all ADA issues inside buildings, including entryways.
  • Remove gas lines and appliances.
  • Remediate asbestos in vinyl flooring and execute floor treatments: wood or polished concrete.
  • Update electric systems.
  • Design and install lighting systems.
  • Update IT and telecommunications systems.
  • Install building security system and ID monitoring requirements.
  • Install/update fire suppression and prevention systems, including alarms.
  • Design and execute ceiling and wall insulation and cover treatments.
  • Repair and/or replace modular windows after a year’s study of passive heating, cooling and ventilation performance. Determine need and the design for required modifications.
  • Replace lead paint contaminated doors and door frames
  • Fit and finish individual spaces including:
    • Auditorium (Music, Lectures, Community Assembly).
    • Library of Arts and Rare Books; reading room; reception.
    • Museum (Fine Arts).
    • Theater (Performing Arts).
    • Theater (Plays, Ballet, Comedy, etc.).
    • Theater Backstage (All theater support, writing to costume design).
    • Museum (Communication and Technology Arts and Crafts).
    • Museum (Surf Culture / Commercial Arts).
    • Museum (Old Schoolhouse – Encinitas Historical Society).
    • Culinary Arts Institute (former outdoor theater).
    • Ecology Center (Permaculture Teaching Garden, 3/4 acre around old schoolhouse).
    • Learning Landscape installation: site perimeter, parking lot and interior.
    • Possible sound wall building and plant screening west side.
    • Caretaker cottage construction with two ADA restrooms, two stories, centrally located. Hubbell and Hubble to design and is about 1,300 square feet.
  • Permaculture Teaching Garden
  • Learning Landscape
  • Sustainable Living and Energy Practices
  • Farm-to-Table
  • Permaculture Teaching Garden
  • Learning Landscape
  • Sustainable Living and Energy Practices
  • Farm-to-Table
  • Permaculture Teaching Garden
  • Learning Landscape
  • Sustainable Living and Energy Practices
  • Farm-to-Table